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Aid to Survivors, Reconstruction of Southern Kibbutzim and Towns



Saturday, October 7, 2023, at 6:30 AM, a massive rocket barrage began on Kibbutzes and cities adjacent to the Gaza border. With great resourcefulness and tenacity, the kibbutz's emergency preparedness squad deployed to positions just minutes before the terrorists attempted to infiltrate the kibbutz. The first two members of the squad reached the high observation post. After identifying two trucks on the road leading to the kibbutz, they contacted the operations room and requested permission to fire. When it was confirmed that these were not Israel Defense Forces (IDF), permission was granted, and the two opened fire on the terrorists. A fierce gun battle ensued. Simultaneously, the emergency preparedness squad of Kibbutz Or Haner was mobilized to assist the small force fighting at Erez. This assistance made it possible to continue the fighting while evacuating the wounded to a safe area. The fighting lasted for three hours.

This page was opened with an important request for donations, in order to finance equipment to defend ourselves, specifically from the threat of infiltrations and the constant barrage of missiles we sustain on the kibbutz. Moreover, in this tragedy, every single one of us is personally affected having lost the kids and parents we see at our schools and playgrounds. We need the support and guidance of skilled teams that will help our community rebuild, especially aiding children and teenagers who experienced difficulties due to the loss of their acquaintances and friends, to overcome this horrible reality and slowly get back to normalcy.

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