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Aid to Survivors, Reconstruction of Southern Kibbutzim and Towns



On Saturday, October 7, hundreds of terrorists, armed to the teeth and mounted on motorcycles and vans, burst into Kibbutz Beeri. The standby squad immediately jumped into action and fought bravely, but within minutes it was clear that they were outnumbered when they were faced with dozens of terrorists in a frenzy to slaughter and destroy everyone and everything in their path. The squad fought fiercely, but they were left alone for a long time. The terrorists raided entire neighborhoods, breaking into houses, setting them on fire, and shooting and killing their residents. Kibbutz Beeri is a resilient community, and we are determined to rebuild. We are currently concentrating on providing an initial response to the residents of the kibbutz in order to remain the same strong community. In order to rehabilitate and rebuild our homes from the ground up, we need your contribution. We are strong and determined!

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