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Aid to Survivors, Reconstruction of Southern Kibbutzim and Towns



On Saturday, October 7th 2023, on the Simchat Torah holiday, a heroic battle took place between Zikim's Emergency Civil Squad and the Hamas terrorists. A huge disastrous catastrophe was prevented and the terrorists were all eliminated. Since then, there have been dozens of penetration attempts that were stopped at the fence, thanks to Israeli soldiers and Zikim's Emergency Civil Squad.
At the same time many rockets are falling inside Zikim, causing severe damage to buildings, cars and equipment. Luckily and miraculously we have only a few injured. The Kibbutz has been evacuated, but we continue to run the critical systems such as looking after our large dairy farm.
When this war ends, we will face the challenge of reconstructing and repairing the physical and material damage as well as healing the psychological trauma. We will need to rebuild our community and convince our members to stay in Zikim and continue life in our beautiful beloved Kibbutz. We need your help and donation to rebuild our lives and our community.

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