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Reconstruction of Southern Kibbutzim and Towns



Starting in the early morning hours of Black Saturday, October 7, 2023, with the first rocket barrage launched from the Gaza Strip, Moshav Yated was plunged into darkness as the electricity supply was cut off.

This left 170 households in the moshav barricaded in darkness, including families with children, the elderly, foreign workers, and all residents without exception. They remained confined within their shelters, unable to contact the outside world due to the power outage, which disrupted internet lines and hindered communication with security forces.

Entire families, with children among them, were forced to take refuge in the shelters for over 40 hours. In the background, heavy barrages continued, with dozens of terrorists infiltrating the moshav. They had no knowledge of how much longer they would need to endure these conditions or what was happening outside.

Many homes were left vulnerable as electric shutters couldn't be closed, leading to a pervasive sense of insecurity in the pitch-black surroundings.

Moshav Yated is situated just 4.9 km from the Gaza Strip border. It's an agricultural moshav that is continuously growing and developing, boasting the largest number of children and youth in the Eshkol Regional Council.

Today, we reach out to you seeking assistance in procuring emergency generators for every household because unfortunately, a community generator cannot be relied on during wartime. Additionally, we are mobilizing support for the families of the moshav who have suffered as a result of the terror attack and the ongoing conflict. This includes farmers who lost their fields and crops, as well as homes damaged during the attack.

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